Bidding farewell to another year of success – 2013

In few days, we will be bidding farewell to 2013 and embracing another year – 2014.

We will be bidding farewell to another successful year, which saw the country register tremendous achievements in, almost all sectors, as we all heard from the President’s ‘State of the Nation and New Year’ address where:

Export revenues increased by 27 percent, tourism (4%), bank deposits grew by nearly 20 percent and more Rwandans accessed finances.

More Rwandan children enrolled in school – 7% in Primary schools, 6% in secondary and 10% in higher institutions of learning.

The technical and vocational schools seem to have picked pace as Rwanda continues to build a job creation community.

More Rwandans subscribed to the health insurance scheme (81%), expecting mothers know what to do to give birth to health babes and child mortality decreased with 95 of children immunized for 12 diseases.

All these achievements were inevitable due to the focus leadership coupled with a favourable atmosphere where everyone feels safe and secure.

Crimes reduced by 2.1 percent in the first quarter of the 2013/14 fiscal year while road accident decreased tremendously by 34.9 percent. This reduction in crime rates and road traffic accidents, and the overall development of the country is attributed to Rwandans’ heed to the government’s development initiatives.

When the Rwanda National Police (RNP) initiated the public-partnership initiatives – Community Policing, Neighbourhood Watch – to fight and prevent crimes such as domestic violence, drug abuse and trafficking and gender violence, Rwandans are the ones that ensured their success.

 We can (and we will) combat even the security threats that still impede safety in our communities, if we strengthen the cooperation with security organs by providing information and heeding to other government development programmes.

Together, we can also make 2014 a more colourful year.

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