Stern warning over taking justice in own hands

Rwanda National Police strongly warns the public against taking matters in their hands to discipline wrongdoers and appeals to them to always report such cases to concerned authorities to avoid branding themselves “criminals).

The warning follows various cases where the public, after apprehending a suspected criminal, descended on them causing them injuries and others killed.

On December 26, two men in Gatsibo District also assaulted to death a 21-year old area resident, whom they accused of stealing their maize.

Superintendent Benoit Nsengiyumva, the Easte;8rn Province Spokesperson warned that such tendencies are not only illegal but also puts both sides in problems.

“Taking justice in your own hands might also land one in prison, because there institutions charged to do so. It is therefore wise to report such people they suspect of certain criminal acts, to Police or other nearby authorities, instead of putting themselves in problems by judging and punishing them,” he said.

Supt. Nsengiyumva appealed to residents mainly the youth to refrain from drug abuse, which lures them into such criminal acts.

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