IGP Munyuza to PTS and Rwamagana DPU staff: Professionalism drives success

The Inspector General of Police (IGP) Dan Munyuza, on Wednesday, visited Police Training School (PTS) Gishari and the District Police Unit of Rwamagana where he reminded over 2000 Police officers that quality training, professionalism and discipline will drive Rwanda National Police to success.

The visit is in line with Rwanda National Police (RNP) leadership carried out every year in all police units, schools, territorial and specialized units in Rwanda National Police, to interact with police officers in order to uphold their professionalism.

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IGP Munyuza reminded police officers that quality services involves a lot of things, which starts with quality training, individual commitment, teamwork and respect, and upholding the doctrines guided by the RNP standards.

“Our country is enjoying security, people in Rwanda are safe to go about their social and development activities day and night; these are results of hard work, we shouldn’t go back but keep going forward against any challenges to security that still exist,” he said, urging them to “be guided by the force and the country’s values.”

The presence of safety and security in the country, he said, doesn’t give any room to relax but to continue to improve in all aspects of policing and human security.

He urged them to set ambitions every year that guide them to positive results in their policing and human security activities.

The Police Chief observed that by evaluating goals set in the previous year, it guides them to another successful step of being able to counter challenges they had faced.

He outlined corruption, smuggling, illicit drugs, child abuse, GBV and environmental crimes as some of the issues they should give emphasis to fight and prevent.

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While referring to “bad elements” that might try to destabilize the peace and security of the people, IGP Munyuza, urged them to always be alert and prepared, and be defined by actions that guarantee the safety and security of people living in Rwanda and those in areas of their responsibility in particular.

He reminded them of their "very important mission to protect people and their property" and cautioned them against bahaviours and mindset that contravene with RNP code of conduct.

“To be a police officer is require selflessness and resilience, which goes hand-in-hand with honest and patriotism. Know that you are entrusted to guarantee the security of the people and our country.”

IGP Munyuza appealed to the officers to upgrade their mindset, put service delivery among the priorities and “work for the public.”

On the issue of human security, IGP Munyuza reminded the Police officers to strive for sanitation and hygiene, fight littering including plastic products like bottles and banned polythene bags, which affect the environment.

“Littering is a bad habit, it doesn’t fit in our culture as Rwandans but it is equally irresponsible to just pass by these litters where you work, pass or live… have a culture of clearing every litter you encounter anywhere.”

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