Suspected impersonator arrested receiving bribe

Police in Kicukiro District has arrested a Police impersonator, who was threatening and conning people.

Donatien Barayavuga was arrested Friday in Karembure Village, Karembure Cell in Gahanga Sector.

He was guising as a Police officer attached to Criminal Investigation Department (CID), which no longer exists, Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Marie-Gorrette Umutesi, the Police spokesperson for the City of Kigali, said.
"Barayavuga was arrested red-handed receiving Rwf20, 000 from the would-be victim," CIP Umutesi said.

The would-be victim is a commercial motorcyclist in Kigali.

Earlier that day, it is said that Barayavuga, intentionally, distracted the motorcyclist, who got involved in a minor accident.

"Barayavuga, who was calling himself 'umu CID' (Police officer attached to CID), accused the motorcyclist of reckless riding, assaulted him and seized his documents including the motorcycle logbook," CIP Umutesi explained.

"Barayavuga continued harassing the victim demanding for money in order to give him the seized documents. This prompted the victim to report the matter to Police. Barayavuga was arrested red-handed receiving the money."

CIP Umutesi also disclosed that another Police and DASSO impersonator identified as Aimable Uwaramutse was arrested the same day in Nduba Sector, Gasabo District.

"There is no department called CID in Rwanda let alone in Rwanda National Police. Those who call themselves officers of CID are fraudsters, don't fall prey; just call or report to the nearest Police station," CIP Umutesi advised.

She added: "Even officials going about their jobs are not supposed to solicit bribes, when they do just report to law enforcement agencies because when you give a bribe you will also be committing a crime."

In article 279 of the penal code, any person who, without title, usurps public, civil or military functions or poses the acts of one of these functions or falsely attributes to himself/herself the quality of a public official with an intention to mislead the public, faces an imprisonment for a term of not less than two years and not more than three years with a fine of not less than Rwf300, 000 and not more than Rwf500, 000.

In article 4 of the law on fighting against corruption, any person who solicits, accepts or receives, by any means, an illegal benefit for himself/herself or another person or accepts a promise in order to render or omit a service under his or her mandate or uses his or her position to render or omit a service, commits an offence.   

Upon conviction, the offender is liable to imprisonment for a term of more than five years but not more than seven years with a fine of three to five times the value of the illegal benefit solicited received.

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